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All about libraries, again

Well, the summer semester just ended and I’m taking a break before I start to blog about library and information science, all over again.  It’s been a great year for blogging and for learning all about libraries.I’ll be talking about libraries, archives, information science, and all those related fields. Where does the field come from? … Continue reading

The Wonder of Museums

I just finished reading Brian Selznick’s new book Wonderstruck. While it’s not really a book about libraries or museums, the book does feature books, museums, libraries, and bookstores.The illustrations, which comprise half the book, are wonderful and the text is engaging. I loved the images and descriptions of the American Museum of Natural History http://www.amnh.org/. … Continue reading

Personal Libraries

In our exploration of libraries, we discussed many collections owned by individuals but none of the articles described how collectors feel about the materials in their homes and along their walls. Each of us has our own feelings about our books, why we acquired them,and where. Many of the books hold special memories. For me, … Continue reading

National Agriculture Library

Many government agencies and organizations have their own libraries. The US Department of Agriculture  is no exception. The organization complex houses the National Agriculture Library http://www.nal.usda.gov/.As librarians it is important to remember that the library site for an institution isn’t the only place to search for information or answers to questions. Always check out the … Continue reading

National Library of Medicine Digs into its History

The National Library of Medicine announced its new blog Circulating Now http://circulatingnow.nlm.nih.gov/ . The blog will showcase items from the history of the library and the history of medicine. Their collections are vast and broad, and include books, manuscripts, prints, and objects. Herbals and botany, early works on medicine and diseases, and of course, cures. … Continue reading

Cataloging and organizing library collections

When we read Battles chapter 5 this week “Books for All,” there’s a lot of emphasis on organizing and cataloging collections. Of course, if a library isn’t organized  or organized well, as most home library collections are not, it’s difficult to find that particular book you are looking for. The same is true for libraries.  … Continue reading