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the ultimate ivory tower

Today, while in Boston, I walked around Harvard and Harvard Yard. What a beautiful, peaceful place. While wandering around campus, I crossed the Charles river, empty of sculls and other boats. Harvard yard reminded me of Oxford, with brick buildings, courtyards and quiet walks. So what did I do there? I did research of course … Continue reading

A brain teaser

One of the book collectors / rare book dealers posted Rhymed Rebuses today http://www.simonbeattie.kattare.com/blog/archives/595 You might enjoy trying your hand at these pictorial letters and codes. They remind me of the picture letters I saw at the Morgan Library http://www.themorgan.org/home.asp exhibit of Beatrix Potter Letters http://www.themorgan.org/exhibitions/exhibition.asp?id=67 . While Potter’s letters aren’t secret codes, they are the … Continue reading

What a great semester

As the semester began, I was very nervous about teaching Rare Book / Special Collections Librarianship in an online venue. Now it is the end of the semester and I feel much more comfortable in this medium. While I still believe face to face classes are the best for learning complex subjects, each of you … Continue reading

links from Penultimate Class videos

Rather than an extensive blog post, I thought I’d provide links to the various websites I show and talk about in my lectures this week. Today we most of the projects fall within the domain of “Digital Humanities” and should be, but often are not, collaborative projects between libraries, archives, museums, and academic disciplines including … Continue reading