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Lots of Preparation

There’s lots of preparation time and effort to convert an in-person course to online. Not only do I have to reconsider each lecture, but also find activities to correspond with each topic. I’m re-engineering and re-designing all the assignments so they fit an online mode of learning and keep pace with the course.  Most of … Continue reading

Back to exploring public records

I’ve taken rather a long hiatus while teaching too many classes this spring and summer. I’ll be adding more posts to this blog as I take on more public records and primary sources this fall. There’s a world out there to explore that is hidden inside public records, government documents, and primary sources. Keep an … Continue reading

Half way through the summer

It’s mid July and I’m half way through the summer. It’s been a crazy summer semester also where I taught three courses and commuted between Kent & Columbus every single week. The two sections of online Foundations is over. There’s nothing like being on call 24/7 for 5 straight weeks. Oh my aching fingers.  With … Continue reading

What will I write about?

This blog for my Introduction to Rare Book (and Special Collections) Librarianship course. It will be my reflective journal for the course and a place for you to read what I’m experiencing as I teach online this fall and explore special collections in a wide variety of cultural institutions.

In the aftermath of Foundations this summer

Now that the Foundations course ended, I have some time to explore library and information science and look for new books.  Two contain a series of articles examining the digital world we find ourselves in. How do we conceive of the library in a digital world? Penny Dale, Jill Beard and Matt Holland edited University … Continue reading

E-Books for our Readers

Amanda Katz, commentator on NPR, hosted a talk entitled “Will Your Children Inherit Your E-Books?” on June 21, 2012 http://www.npr.org/2012/06/21/155360197/will-your-children-inherit-your-e-books. While this is a story about the future of e-books, it also promotes the beauty and physicality of books made from paper and cloth. This story includes great images of marginalia, bindings, and more that … Continue reading

Different types of reading experiences for different types of learners

We all learn differently, it’s true. Some of us learn best when we are told, others when we are shown, some when we practice, and others, well, they need a lot of practice, often trial & error. The same is true of reading. Some of us like to read with our eyes, others with our … Continue reading

Copyright – who controls digital rights?

On Thursday (June 6, 2012), TOR publishers of Science Fiction made a bold move in the world of publishing. They are releasing books without DRM (Digital Rights Management). That’s correct. In an age of copyright protection that seems too tight, this publisher is releasing e-books that won’t inhibit loaning and copying e-books. Of course, you … Continue reading