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Winter Break 2009

So the semester is over. It’s been quite an amazing experience. First studying for exams, then passing not just all the written exams, but the oral as well. I am still in shock. But time to get out of the haze and start to focus on the last phase of this degree. So this winter … Continue reading

Research / dissertation ideas

Dec 11. I could write about the publishers I have been talking about. But why? who cares?I have been mulling over the idea of tying the printers in Akron between 1870-1900 into the gilded age industrialists…. Maybe I could look at them the same way I looked at Robber Barons and Cultural Institutions. Food for … Continue reading

comprehensive exams

Today is Dec 11th. Since my last posting, I took and successfully completed all three written comprehensive exams. Yesterday at 2pm I took and passed my oral comprehensive exams. That was much harder, I was sooooo nervous. It took a while for my brain to get into gear and answer with what I know about … Continue reading